Full-Time Nannies

Full-time nannies work in a family’s home as either a live-in or a live-out caregiver. These caregivers typically work 40 hours or more including weekends. The hours, duties, and salaries are agreed upon prior to hiring by the family of a desired full-time nanny. Full-time Nannies perform childcare for one or more children as well as perform light household duties usually related to the child or children they care for. They can also perform transportation for children, assistance with homework, help them to bathe, make up their beds, and keep the house tidy. Some nannies are willing to take on additional housework for extra pay, and many nannies-especially full-time, live-in nannies may have several roles in your home as errand-runners, bookkeepers, filers, menders, and even cooks. These duties are negotiated at the beginning of the hiring process.

Part-Time Nannies

Part-time nannies can work less days and hours than full-time nannies. The hours are set according to the family’s needs and are at least 20 hours a week. Part-time nannies are flexible and can have any number of a variety of schedules and can be used to fill in where the full-time nanny hours are not enough.

Our Serving Areas

  • Virginia
  • DC
  • Maryland
  • Ohio

Pricing Information

$300 (Annually)Registration Fee

Permanent Nanny Agency Placement Fee

  • Family Assessment Via Email
  • Criminal Background Investigation
  • Motor Vehicle Check
  • Written Nanny Agreement
  • 90-day Replacement Period
  • Periodic Nanny Reviews
  • Agency Fee Waived for Backup Care (Limit 10 Annually)

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