Temporary care can last from one week up to three months. This care is designed to provide fast easy placement of a caregiver to bridge care needs that will be a short period and may or may not be needed on-going. A family may need temporary child care for the following reason:

  • Summer care when school is out
  • Coverage for regular caregiver's vacation or sick days
  • An unexpected gap in child care that will be short-term

Emergency/On-Call back up care Nannies are available for our families’ back-up care needs. Backup Care is designed for working families whose child or children attend a regular care program during the Parents’ Day time working hours. Most families who have young children often need a backup plan for times their children need to be home from their regular program, but the parent still needs to attend work. Reasons a child may be home from their regular program are:

  • School is cancelled
  • Inclement weather
  • The child is sick
  • Daycare is closed

Our emergency/on-call back up care Nannies are fully vetted, experienced and ready to care for your child at the spur of the moment. Relax, our back up care Nannies will be on the job!

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Pricing Information

$200 (one time) AnnuallyRegistration Fee
$ 325 per month up to three monthsAgency Booking Fee
$85 per week

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