A Nannies' salary is based on their experience & educational level. See cost page.

Nannies who work full-time should, to be paid for holidays agreed on in your official agreement.

It is standard to give your full-time household worker sick days commensurate with most major companies.

The answer is yes. If the household employee receives a “salary” that covers a work week of more than 40 hours, overtime then applies. Your employment agreement must explicitly state the regular and overtime rates of pay. AMP recommends using a household payroll company to help determine standards in your area for overtime. We recommend PayChex by contacting Michael Hoerner or Guy Carson by calling their office on 410-581-7700.

During these instances, the caregiver should be paid their same salary unless overtime is applicable. It is a good idea to include language in your employment contract for your caregiver to agree up front how this need will be handled so you both can be abreast before the need arises.

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