Zainab Wurie

Zainab Wurie

Ms. Zainab Wurie has more than ten years of experience working in childcare, with ages

ranging from newborns to school age children. She has worked in various settings such

as families’ homes, schools, and childcare centers. As a caregiver, Zainab is fun and

spontaneous. She loves to provide creative activities that children can enjoy and explore.

Zainab believes in opening the door for any child to trust her by being loving and caring.

Working with children is one of Zainab’s greatest passions as she is responsible, reliable,

and creates a safe space for children to be themselves. Zainab’s references have provided

great feedback, describing her as respectful and hardworking. Zainab is excellent at

showing effort and taking initiative when in families' homes. We believe that Zainab will

make a great addition to the AMP team and any family that she provides care for because

she is flexible and has many strengths that she operates in when caring for children.

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