Veline Ntankeu

Veline Ntankeu

Ms. Veline Ntankeu has over 7 years experience working in child care with ages ranging from

infants to teenagers. As a caregiver, Veline is very responsible and loves what she does in the

childcare arena. Not only is she kind, sweet spirited, tender, and respectful, she is also giving and

compassionate towards the families she serves. Veline is a hard worker who goes the extra mile

to make sure she always does a great job in all she puts her hands to. Veline’s physical stamina is

said to be excellent while working with children and that she has great energy as well as an

outgoing personality. She takes pride in the fact that she enjoys being accommodating, punctual,

and flexible for family care clients. She loves doing engaging and interactive activities with the

children to keep their attention and focus. Parent references have raved on all of the above

descriptives given concerning Veline and they have often requested her return on many occasions

after meeting her for the first time. Veline understands and follows agency policies very closely

while serving our family clients. We feel she is a great asset to our agency and we are so glad to

have her onboard!

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