Termeh Hodjati

Termeh Hodjati

Ms. Termeh Hodjati has five years of experience working in childcare, with ages

ranging from toddlers to teenagers. As a caregiver, Termeh is personal, attentive, and

interactive. Termeh has received great feedback from her references, describing her as

absolutely wonderful. Other references described Termeh as patient, and a very good

team member. Stating that Termeh got along with all of her team members and was a very

fast learner. Termeh will make a great addition to the AMP team and any family that she

provides care for because she is amazing with kids and is very passionate about her job.

Termeh continually shows she is a great caregiver by handling conflicts with children by

helping them to practice expressing “bad” feelings in a positive way. Termeh also likes to

keep all activities creative and short to keep the child stimulated. Termeh also mainly

encouraged children to participate in outdoor play and other out of the box activities.

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