Madeleine Penalba

Madeleine Penalba

Ms. Madeleine Penalba has ten years of experience working in childcare, with ages

ranging from newborns to teenagers. As a caregiver, Madeleine is caring, nurturing, and

creative. Madeleine is passionate when caring for children and believes in implementing

educational and fun experiences and activities to utilize everyday common occurrences

like using everyday skills and making it fun to allow for fun learning experiences. Parents

love that Madeleine maintains high integrity and morale. One major factor which makes

Madeleine a great caregiver is her awareness of how significant early childhood

development affects children into their older years and being part of what makes a good

nanny is leading a good example to them. Madeleine has received great feedback from

her references, describing her as reliable, caring deeply about the wellbeing of their

children, trustworthy, and professional. Madeleine will make a great addition to the AMP

team and any family that she provides care for because is always highly engaged and

loves to have fun with children, implementing educational and fun experiences for all children.

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