Lesleyann Hedd

Lesleyann Hedd

Ms. Lesleyann Hedd has more than 10 years of experience working in childcare, with

ages ranging from newborns to teenagers. She has worked in family homes, daycare,

schools, churches and camp settings. Children enjoy that she plays silly games, makes

learning activities fun, teaches them songs, and includes them in what they want to do to

make them feel validated. She is patient and understanding as well as fun but serious

when she needs to be. As a caregiver, she is described as being caring, kind, loving.

Families that Leslyann has provided care for have given positive feedback, saying that

she is a positive and energetic person, she has a wealth of knowledge to engage,

encourage, and teach. When caring for children, Lesleyann always take initiative by

helping with tasks when needed and making everything fun and creative. We believe

Lesleyann will make a great addition to the AMP team and any family that she provides

care for because she is attentive to the children in her care.

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