K'la Smith

K'la Smith

Ms. K’La Smith has a little over ten years of experience working in childcare, with ages

ranging from newborns to teenagers. As a caregiver, K’La is caring and loving. K’La

enjoys participating in activities with children such as puzzles, blocks and arts and crafts.

In her multiple years of experience she learned that puzzles can help with cognitive

development, motor skills, and hand eye coordination. K’La also notes that learning

activities can also help with the development of children. For example, in a school-aged

setting children's learning activities can help prepare the students for the actual lesson.

K’La also has a few years of experience working with children with autism. K’La has

received great feedback from his references, describing her as caring, kind, loving and

attentive. One of K’la’s references said that K’la took on a job where she had to take

care of three children at a time and she did excellent.

K’La will make a great addition to the AMP team and any family that she provides care

for because she is caring and loving and always prepared to work with children.

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