Ketedria Archer

Ketedria Archer

Ms. Ketedria has 10 years of experience working in childcare, with ages ranging from

newborns to teenagers. As a caregiver, Ketedria is very responsible and caring.

Ketedria attended high school at Dinwiddle High in Petersburg Virginia. She also

attended college in New York City majoring in paralegal studies.

Ketedria has received great feedback from her references, describing her as loving and

caring. Ketedria has worked in childcare for many years in many different childcare

settings. Some childcare settings include schools, daycare centers, and in-home

caregiving. Ketedria loves participating in all sorts of children’s activities that include

coloring, counting, and playing outdoors. Coloring is a great children's activity as it

promotes hand-eye coordination. Counting can help children learn their numbers and

the sequence of each number. Playing outdoors benefits children because it helps with

brain development and is also an expanded learning space for the child.

Ketedria is a great addition to the AMP team and any family that she provides care for because she puts the needs of the children she cares for before anything else.

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