Jaime Raysor

Jaime Raysor

Ms. Jaime Raysor has worked in child care for nine years with ages ranging from

newborns to teenagers. Jaime is an extremely patient and reliable caregiver, she always

goes above and beyond when on duty to ensure a lasting, loving impression is left on

family clients. She believes that children should find a friend and feel safe with their

caregiver and that it is important to also set healthy boundaries in the home to create a

smooth schedule for all during the care day. She ensures that children know she is in

charge but gives room for their creative play and personality to shine during the care

session. Jaime also enjoys showing her creative side and introducing new activities to

children by gathering various materials for hands-on activities to create masterpieces

both parents and children can treasure through the years as they grow. She makes

children and parents feel comfortable and desires to leave a smile on everyone’s face

before departing. Families have expressed that they love that Jamie is compassionate,

professional, schedule oriented, sweet, gentle, and engaging as a nanny. Jaime has been

a great addition to the AMP team and has shown consistent growth over her year at the

agency. Not only is she committed and punctual, but she is trustworthy and a fun, gentle

personality to have around!

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