Emmania Fleurizard

Emmania Fleurizard

Ms. Emmania Fleurizard has six years of experience working in childcare with ages

ranging from newborns to teenagers. As a caregiver it is said that she is playful, attentive

and firm when needed if unwelcome behaviors of children become heightened. Emmania

believes in supporting children by being open-minded to what they like to do and by

helping them to grow while feeding their developmental skill levels. Parents love that

Emmania is gentle, fun loving, safe, respectful, punctual, and responsible with their

children. Emmania has received great feedback from her references, describing her as

reliable, very responsible, and has a lot of pure patience. One of her references said that

“Emmania is like family to us”, which shows her ability to create strong bonds with

families. Emmania has made a great impact during her time here on the AMP team and is

a frequently requested caregiver with our priority clients. She is truly a joy and asset to

have, we trust her with any family that she provides care for because of her ability to

build a good rapport and create strong bonds with families professionally.

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