Cimone Anderson

Cimone Anderson

Ms. Cimone Anderson has seven years experience in childcare working in various

settings with age groups ranging from newborns to school-aged children. Cimone has

received excellent feedback from families, describing her as loving, kind and caring.

Cimne loves participating in all sorts of productive children’s activities for example

reading, playing with toys and playing pretend with children. Cimone believes that

keeping the child engaged is a very important aspect of caregiving. Another very

important aspect to her is keeping all potentially harmful objects out of the reach of

children when caregiving. Cimone makes a great addition to the AMP and any family

who she provides care for because she always does her best to figure out what

activities best suit the child she is caring for. She is very caring and enjoys caring for

children and also does her absolute best by staying alert and keeping an eye on all the

children she is caring for.

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