Belinda Gardner

Belinda Gardner

Ms. Belinda Gardner has twenty one years of experience working in childcare, with ages

ranging from newborns to school age children. As a caregiver, Belinda is communicative

and caring. Belinda has experience working for MBI Health Services. MBI Health

Services is a behavioral health agency which serves the DC and metropolitan area. MBI

provides care for both adults and children , helping them to gain confidence and security

in their lives. Belinda has provided excellent care for some families, who have provided

great feedback, describing her as warm and loving. Belinda is always safety conscious.

Belinda believes that children’s safety is most important at all times. She also believes

that relaying important information to the parents is also very important as well. Belinda

loves participating in all sorts of fun and creative activities with the children. Belinda

likes to read books, sing songs and participate in outside play with the children. Reading

books with children can help the child relax and destress after a long day. Reading can

also help the caregiver bond with the child and can give the child a sense of intimacy and

well-being. Singing is very beneficial because it promotes language development and also

promotes early literacy skills. Outside play can increase exercise in children and

can advance children's motor skills. Kids who play outside are also more likely to enjoy

activities like biking, running, and walking.

We believe that Belinda makes a great addition to the AMP team and any family that

she provides care for because she is very loving and caring and always puts the child’s

needs before her own.

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