Armoni Hendley

Armoni Hendley

Ms. Armoni Hendley has a little over two years experience working in childcare, with

ages ranging from newborns to school age children. As a caregiver, Armoni is

Fun and creative. Armoni’s child care style is structured, making sure to always keep

children engaged by having a list of things to do; although, she can be free and lenient to

allow children the opportunity to use their imagination as well. Armoni believes in

keeping children safe at all times and providing quality care when in families homes.

Armoni has received some great feedback from her references, describing her as a great

caregiver, loyal and passionate about caring for children, and very reliable. When

working with children, Armoni’s references also say that she has a sweet personality and

takes care of their children very well. Armoni has great ideas and takes initiative to do

activities, implement instructional learning, and solves age appropriate problems

whenever a situation may arise. Armoni will make a great addition to the AMP team and

any family who she provides care for because caring for children is her main passion and

she enjoys putting a smile on all children's faces.

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