Angela Wilkins

Angela Wilkins

Angela has ten years of experience working in childcare, with ages ranging from

newborns to teenagers. Angela has shown her amazing attitude towards caring for

children. Angela obtained her childcare experience by working in a daycare center and

in a few in-home childcare facilities. Angela has experience caring for children at her

local community center and summer camp. Angela enjoys spending time with children

and helping them relax during their care. During Angela's free time she enjoys listening

to music and cooking. Another important hobby for her is cleaning which is an absolute


Angela likes to participate in an array of activities with the children she cares for, some

of her favorite ones are arts and crafts, baking, and story time. Arts and crafts are

important because they help boost children's self esteem and it encourages children to be

creative. Story time gives kids a chance to be interactive and express themselves. It also

gives the child a chance to use their imagination and develop their vocabulary. Baking

with children can teach children how to be patient and how to differentiate between the

different foods.

Angela’s references have provided great feedback, describing her as patient, extremely

professional and courteous. Angela was able to take care of her provided reference’s

children in a safe and professional way. Angela was also very flexible and willing to go

the extra mile. Angela is a person who loves to care for children and it shows. We believe

that Angela will make a great addition to the AMP team and any family that she provides

care for because she is extremely professional and has an amazing love for children.

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