Aisha Delil-Saji

Aisha Delil-Saji

Mrs. Aisha Saji has worked in child care professionally for 4 years with ages ranging

from newborns to teenagers. She is also a wonderful Mother of 4 beautiful children, all

ranging from ages 5 to 19. Aisha is very reliable and trustworthy, children enjoy her

compassionate and mothering personality during care sessions. She always leaves a

lasting, loving impression on family clients and they often request her to return for

bookings. She believes that children should feel safe with their caregiver and makes sure

to structure the day so unwanted behaviors don’t get the best of the children due to idle

time. Aisha says it is important to also set healthy boundaries in the family home and

speak with parents about the care day expectations so no unintended issues arise. She is

an entertaining, fun loving, laughter creating, friendly nanny that children always

gravitate to when she shows up. Aisha enjoys showing her creative side and introducing

new activities to children by gathering various materials for hands-on activities and

games to keep everyone engaged. She makes children and parents feel comfortable and

desires to leave a warming smile on everyone’s face before leaving. Families have

expressed that they love that Aisha is professional, punctual, schedule oriented, sweet,

gentle, and engaging as a nanny. Aisha has been a great addition to the AMP team and

has shown consistent growth over her two years at the agency. Not only is she committed

and professional, she is trustworthy and a bright, gentle personality to have around!

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